Thank You to Local Musicians: Caspar Babypants & Recess Monkey

Did you know that we have some amazing local children’s musicians?  Two of them have donated their full CD sets for our Fun and Safety Fair—and yes, they have a LOT of CDs!



Caspar Babypants

Caspar Babypants is from the band The Presidents of the United States of America (which actually came out with a new album this year).  He has gone off on his own to create some really fun, refreshing music for kids which parents can actually enjoy, too! He has a lot of really fun original songs, as well as creative twists on classic kids songs such as “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Ring Around the Rosies.”  My kids love hearing these new versions of classics; they think it is so funny when the lyrics are different from the versions that they have heard so many times!   His latest album, called “Baby Beetles” is filled with covers of Beetles songs for kids, and it looks like he has a new album coming out this fall!   We had a lot of fun when we saw him perform last year.  He has donated 7 signed CDs to our Fun Fair—Thanks, Caspar!

Check him out!



Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey is a children’s band made up of three teachers from Seattle.   They definitely have some clever lyrical twits throughout their songs!  We have only listened to a couple of their CDs so far, but so far my daughter’s favorite album is “The Final Funktier” which is filled with songs about outer space!  Her favorite?  “Black Hole in My Room,” which features lyrics such as:

My black hole is a tiny spot of doom

Pulling in the stuff that’s in my room

It’s not misplaced, just eaten you see

By that gripping, great, gobbling gravity!

It cracks me up!  Our family hasn’t been able to see them live yet, but we hope to be able to see them perform somewhere soon.  Thanks so much to Recess Monkey for donating a set of 12 CDs/DVDs to our Fun Fair!  Make sure to check them out: