October: Fall Harvest ~ Apples, Spiders, Pumpkins, and Leaves

Fall is a time of preparation and gathering. We are harvesting the last of our crops before the frost, and animals are gathering stores of food to last them through the winter. This month we will be learning about the fall harvest through a farmer’s market in the dramatic play area, a field trip to Terry’s Berries Farm, apple taste-testing in the classroom, and weighing and comparing pumpkins. We have also constructed Spider Island again this year!


Ideas we’ll use to Support the Curriculum at Home

  • Fall: Discuss the words “autumn” and “fall” and what the signs of fall are: leaves changing color and falling, colder temperatures, animals gathering food, shorter days, etc.
  • Apples: Instead of buying your favorite apple, buy several different types to taste and compare.
  • Pumpkins: Compare the size and shapes of pumpkins at the store or pumpkin patch. Guess the weight and measurements—can you tell which pumpkins are heavier?
  • Spiders: Hunt for spider webs outside; compare the sizes and shapes of webs. Are the webs in the same spot every day? What happens if something breaks the web? Does a spider rebuild in the same spot?