November: Farm Animals

This month we learned about farm animals through a farm in the dramatic play area, a field trip to Left Foot Farm (, cheese tasting in the classroom, and our cooking projects: making butter and grinding wheat to bake bread. It was a fun month!

We helped build vocabulary by discussing a variety of farm terms and concepts:

  • Terms for groups of animals: a herd of cattle, a gaggle of geese, a flock of chickens, a litter of puppies, etc.
  • Terms for male/female/baby animals: bull/cow/calf, rooster/hen/chick, billy/nanny/kid, boar/sow/piglet, ram/ewe/lamb, etc.
  • Farm terms; farm, ranch, corral, barn, homestead, farmstead, barn, tractor, combine, plough, harvester, bailer, etc.
  • Where does food come from? At the grocery store or during meals, discuss where different foods come from. Do they come from animals, or plants? How is it raised, grown, and processed?
  • Can the same food come from different animals? People can eat chicken eggs, but also duck and goose eggs. People may drink milk from cows, goats, or sheep.