January: Discovery: The Scientific Method

Green & Red classes explored science in January! We had a science lab in the dramatic play area, took a trip to the Olympia Hands-On Children’s Museum, and experimented with mixing Mentos & soda, cornstarch and water, making pickles, and mixing colors. It was an exciting month!


Ideas that helped Support the Curriculum at Home:

Building Vocabulary: Discussed a variety of science terms: science, scientific method, hypothesis (guess), chemicals, reactions, elements, periodic table, gravity, magnetism, flask, test tube, beakers, autoclave, etc.

Talked about cooking: When you are cooking or baking, chemical reactions occur when different ingredients are put together. If the items are cooked separately, the same changes may not occur!

Tested hypotheses: When your child has a question about something, talk to them about making a hypothesis—or a guess–as to what will happen. How long does it take for ice to melt in the fridge vs. on the counter? Can you run faster uphill or downhill? After they make a guess, decide how you can test the hypothesis to see if you were right!