December: Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

December was a short month but we didn’t let that stop us from fitting a lot into our short schedule, including:

  • Field trip: An adventure in a planetarium to discuss the sizes, shapes, and colors of the planets!
  • Dramatic Play Area: We’ll create a “planetarium” of our own go along with our planetarium field trip.
  • Shape hunt: We’ll look for different shapes in our environment.
  • Cooking day: Making “Shape Kabobs,” which will explore the different colors and shapes of food.
  • Group activities: We’ll use everyday objects to make different patterns, in small and big groups. Learning to recognize patterns is an important skill to develop before learning to read!


We introduced Children’s Journals for the Green, Red, and Little Bear 2 classes in the writing center this month! Each child received a journal of their own with their name on it. The children drew pictures in their journals for the working parents to write down stories they felt went along with their picture. Working parents also use journals to write down any particularly memorable moments, milestones, or funny comments that the child had during that day. Having a journal—even if it is primarily used for pictures–is a great way to encourage an interest in writing. These will be great to look over at the end of their school year. 🙂


We helped to support the curriculum at home by:

  • Drew attention to the shapes, sizes, and colors of everyday objects: produce at the grocery store, road signs while driving, dishes at the dinner table, etc. We
  • Pointed out the differences between squares and rectangles, which can be especially tricky.
  • Counted the sides of triangles vs. rectangles, vs. hexagons, vs. octagons.
  • Practiced identifying basic colors with the younger children, and start naming “in between” colors or shades with older children, such as blue vs. aqua, and brown vs. tan.
  • Painted with our children and experimented with combining primary colors to discover what new colors they could make.