Book Review: Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed

Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticedby J. C. Phillipps

This is a fun book about a boy who really wants to be a ninja!  He is so excited when he is accepted into the ninja school, but he struggles to please his teacher and become a real ninja.  Wink has a problem being stealthy—how can people know what a great ninja he is if no one can ever hear or see him being sneaky?  This book helps show children how things can still work out, even when something doesn’t match their expectations.  Wink finds a way to enjoy the art of being a ninja, while remaining true to himself.

According to Yumi Sensei, “it is clear that this book is written by an American who encountered Japanese culture while in the US, rather than someone who grew up surrounded by Japanese culture.  However, Wink’s story is what many children in LB1 and 2 will experience in their life; it is difficult to create your own identity when you are living within two cultures.  They want to belong to society but a big part of their life is Japanese—a culture that is different than most of what surrounds them.  I hope that our children will find a wonderful future with inner harmony just as Wink does.”

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