Book Review: Bear Wants More, by Karma Wilson

Bear Wants More
Part of our theme for March is animals from the Northwest.  It made me think of one of my children’s favorite book series about a bear and his other forest friends.  In Bear Wants More, Bear wakes up from his long winter slumber and is positively starving!  He scavages all over the forest with his friends eating everything he can get his paws on…to the point where he can no longer even fit in his front door!  It is a cute story celebrating the excitement of spring when the world is waking up from its long winter’s nap…I’m definitely ready for some spring celebrations!


Bear Snores On
Bear Wants More is a sequel to the original book Bear Snores On, which may be my favorite in the series.  In this book, all sorts of little cirtters have a winter party in Bear’s den while he is hibernating. But what happens when Bear finally wakes up and realizes there is a whole crowd of critters in his den?

Each of the books that I have read in the Bear series celebrates friendship in a really endearing way.  Check out all of the adventures that Bear and his friends have at the Pierce County Library.