Bates Affiliation

South Hill Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the Home and Family Life Department at Bates Technical College.  What does this mean?

 Among many other helpful services, the Home and Family Life Department at Bates provides:

  • A Home and Family Life Instructor to provide assistance, consultations and parent education classes.
  • Enrichment materials for the classroom.
  • Referrals to community resources.
  • Monthly parent education opportunities and teacher education workshops.
  • Board training and advisory assistance to help the preschool board officers administer the school’s non-profit organization business.
  • Access to Bates Technical College Resource Center (a place where teachers and parents can make learning activities to use with kids and gather parenting information).
  • College credits earned by parents registered in the Cooperative Preschool/Parent Education Program.
  • Access to child development classes for parents who are interested in entering the Early Childhood Education field.
  • Risk Management Training to help keep our preschool safe and healthy.

Please view this Parent Cooperative Preschool Handbook for a detailed look at the Cooperative Model.

Bates College Affiliation

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